Common Questions and Answers:

Q. Can we still have a funeral and burial?

A. Yes.  We may have to create services that are different than we are accustomed in order to maintain the existing City of Austin orders in regard to gathering size, but we can still have services and care for our loved ones.

Q. What about Mass? Can we still have Mass?

A. Yes.  The churches are still accommodating funeral mass because they are able to do so in a manner that meets the city mandates as to gathering size.  It is much easier to control attendance at a private funeral mass than a general mass.

Q. Our immediate family is larger than 10 people, how can we have a visitation or service and exclude family members?

A. Large families are truly effected by this particular order, and we understand that the frustration.  What’s important to remember is that we want not only to keep our community healthy, we also want to keep our individual family safe and healthy also.  Flexibility is the key to creating a meaningful service, staying true to your faith, accommodating large families.  The options may be non-traditional, but we have them.  We have worked with families for decades.  “We know a thing or two because we have seen a thing or two.”  We have now serviced several families blindsided by the City of Austin order, and we have worked together and ultimately, although not traditional, had beautiful and loving services.  Again, flexibility is the key.  With flexibility brings creative; out of the box thinking, which allows for honoring our loved ones.

Q. Can we have a reception and allow people to all be together that way?

A. Unfortunately, even private gatherings such as weddings and receptions are governed by the City of Austin order as to crowd size.  Receptions, however, can be held at any time in memory of a loved one.  There is also a positive side to planning a Memorial Reception for a later date.  Your family will have more time to plan and make it an amazing event in honor of your loved one.  You won’t be exhausted from all of the immediate work that is included in planning a funeral.  You also have the ability to consider the time frames of other family members who maybe you couldn’t at the time of the funeral. For example, if you have family members that need to come in from Mexico or other states.

Q.  With all of the government offices closing and/or short staffed, how do we take care of everything we need to take care of for the estate.

A.  This is where we have to remember that we are all in this together.  Yes, the various staffing designs at government offices are effecting what we are normally used to.  Death Certificates are taking longer to arrive.  Cremation documents are delayed.  Yes, things are taking longer than normal, but the entire community is experiencing these issues together.  It can be very difficult to have things to do and be unable to do them.  As a family and as a community we will need to support and help each other to see that everything will be okay and to better differentiate what “must be done now” and “what can wait.”

Q.  What about my loved one who wants to be returned to Mexico for services and burial?  Can they still go home?

A.  Yes.  There is a delay in securing necessary documents.  It is a slower process than normal, but both road and air travel have not been restricted as of yet.  It already takes a great deal of time to secure all the necessary documents for international transportation, but it can be accomplished, and we are excellent at getting it done.

Q. What are some of the options that can help us have a nice service for our loved one?

A.  First, we start with an open mind, keeping Family and Faith as our foundation.  We can schedule small groups of family members to visit during specific time periods, allowing for us to sanitize as the CDC recommends between small groups.  We can live stream services which will allow everyone to participate even if not physically present.  We have an abundance of options.  We need only to work with you to tailor services that will fit your family’s needs.

Q. How can we make arrangements without going into the funeral home?

A. We can talk on the phone, we can video conference, we can work through email, and texting.  It's important for all of us to help our community stay healthy through this pandemic.  We will have to do things differently.  Things can still be done well while being done differently.  We pride ourselves on being available to our families and that will not change.  

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