Preplanning Services

The stress of making funeral plans can be very difficult on loved ones.  Most families have little knowledge what final arrangements their loved one desired and the expense of funerals can easily create a financial burden for family.  Pre-planning allows you to protect loved ones from additional emotional stress and can help to eliminate the financial burden of purchasing funeral goods and services. Learn more about our funeral preplanning services.

Cremation Services

Cremation is an alternative to the burial process and it is chosen by many people because of religious beliefs, the desire to preserve the environment or it was requested by the person who died.  Cremation is also a less expensive option in comparison to a burial.  The remains are placed in a container that is combustible and placed in a special furnace called a cremation chamber or a crematory where through intense heat is reduced to bone fragments that are then crushed and pulverized to resemble course sand. Learn more about our cremation services.

Burial Services

Traditionally, a burial service involves a visitation, followed by a funeral service in a church, or other place of worship.  You have the option of having the remains interred (earth burial), or it may be entombed in a crypt inside a mausoleum (above ground burial).  Family or religious traditions are often a factor for choosing burial.  Burial arrangement decisions also need to be made on whether the body needs to be embalmed, what kind of casket to use, and what cemetery to use. Learn more about our burial services.

Funeral Services in Spanish

Mission Funeral Homes also services the Hispanic community by offering funeral services in Spanish

3D Urns by Eturnal Memorials

Every life is unique, every urn should be too. View our options for customized urns here.